What do we learn before we go to Alabama?

There are many topics we discuss. We focus on reading The Lions of Little Rock by Kristen Levine which is centered on the year after the LIttle Rock Nine. It's a fictional account of a town struggling with the idea of integration, set in 1938. Our protagonist, Marlee, is a young girl who matures a lot throughout the book, developing a unique voice.

In conjunction with our reading, students learn about the history leading up to the civil rights era. If any historical idea or fact is mentioned, we take a deep dive into that subject. The KKK is a perfect example. Students were very interested in this subject and we spent some time talking about the group's motives and actions.

Last week, we studied the Jim Crow Laws and did a gallery walk. Each student picked one poster to write about. They each then wrote in their journals. We talked about some of the nasty language of the era and how it was a backlash to the limited success of the decade of Reconstruction.

Here are a few photos of our class as we did our gallery walk.




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