“Jigsaw” Learning: Victories

Sixth grade students learned about victories associated with the civil rights movement. First students were put into a group of five students. Next, each student was assigned a different victory. The victories were:

  1. integrating buses in Montgomery, Alabama
  2. the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  3. The Voting Rights Act of 1965
  4. President Eisenhower ordering federal troops to enforce school desegregation
  5. the outlawing of poll taxes in federal elections

The students then worked with the students from the other groups who had the same topic. In class, they researched with primary sources including newspaper articles from the time period; they viewed videos on history.com; they read non-fiction to gain background information. Students then decided how to report back to their original group of five in order to teach about their assigned topics. Some students made a powerpoint, others made a list of main ideas, and still others created a web to share with their group of five.

All students were excellent “teachers”. One student was overheard saying, “I’m glad I don’t have to do this everyday. Teaching is hard.”

Marcy Thomaswick


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