Social Justice Program

Videos and Vlogging!

Hi everyone,

This is a bonus blog with more videos. Please see the video from yesterday with Dani, Eli, and Ethan.

These were taken Monday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday morning).

The first two videos (Tav, Miles, Henry) had some technical difficulties so the audio doesn’t quite match wi…

Day 3 Tuesday, May 8

Today was another interesting and unusual experience. To start off the day, Hillel Community Day School led tefillah from the Smartboard and introduced us to many new tunes and tefillot. Sarina and Ethan presented about the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Four students from the NE Miles Jewish Day S…

Day 2 Monday, May 7

Everyone had a good night’s sleep. Some people had a bit less sleep because Rabbi Amanda woke Ben and Malachi too early. She claims her i-pad alarm didn’t change to Central Time! (They were very kind and understanding!)

After tefillah, we spent some time working on our location projects…

Day 1 Sunday, May 6

At the beginning of the day, everyone was tired when we got on the bus (except for Daniel and Zohar). We arrived at the airport but had to go through security first. It took quite a while because of Miranda’s sunscreen. Once we made it to the gate, we realized that we were late and they we…

“Jigsaw” Learning: Victories

Sixth grade students learned about victories associated with the civil rights movement. First students were put into a group of five students. Next, each student was assigned a different victory. The victories were:

  1. integrating buses in Montgomery, Alabama
  2. the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  3. T…