The Lower School Experience


The Ezra Academy Lower School comprises two multi-age classrooms: 1-2 (Kochavim) and 3-4 (Ilanot). Our child-centered educational philosophy respects diversity, individuality, developmental readiness, and creativity. Multiple approaches, such as cooperative learning, experiential education, project-based learning, and a purposeful social-emotional curriculum, help our students become capable, adaptable learners. We immerse our students in critical, socially engaged learning relevant to our modern, global age.


Ezra Lower School students spend a great deal of time outside. In addition to their time on the fields and in the playground, the children have numerous opportunities to explore nature. Our students point out how the seasons change, drawing pictures of what they see, and journaling their experiences. From the fall foliage to the frozen streams, from the first spring buds to the many spring bugs, we observe, document, touch and enjoy it all.