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Day 11

11th Day,

The day began at 6:30 followed by teffilah at 7:00. Helen read beautifully from the “Torah.” (The reason the word Torah is in air quotes is because the Kibbutz would not let us use the Torah if a woman read. The teachers decided it would be better to still have the girls read …

Day 5 Thursday, May 10

Noah and Miranda

We went to the Rosa Parks Museum near Troy University in Montgomery Alabama.
We just went on a tour about the events and there also was a re-enactment of when Rosa Parks was arrested. All of us learned a lot of new things about the story of Rosa Parks and about her protest.…

Teva 2016

Sixth graders from Ezra Academy joined seven other small Jewish day schools for their four day, three night excursion into the woods of Falls Village, CT.

Some students were apprehensive. Ethan wrote, “I had mixed emotions of ‘anxiousness’ and emotion because it was so different than …