Day 11

11th Day,

The day began at 6:30 followed by teffilah at 7:00. Helen read beautifully from the “Torah.” (The reason the word Torah is in air quotes is because the Kibbutz would not let us use the Torah if a woman read. The teachers decided it would be better to still have the girls read and just use the papers. It was a great decision.) We had a quick breakfast and packed our lunches from the dining hall. It wasn’t the best lunch we’ve had, but our venue was beautiful (I will get back to that later). We went on a short ride to Degania Aleph where we visited a nature museum that had preserved plants and animals that roamed the North around the early 1900’s. It was slightly disturbing for some of us but otherwise it was really cool! Afterwards we took a trip to the Sachne where we enjoyed a delicious packed lunch. We were all eager to hop into the natural lake that had a waterfall pouring into it. We had fun swimming there for few hours. When it started to drizzle, our new tour guide, Besalel (Yonit went home to be with her partner who is in labor), took us to the outdoor museum Homa U’migdal (Wall and Tower). Homa U’Migdal was a settlement method that was used by early settlers in Palestine to protect against Arab attacks during the British mandate.

Next stop was the Emunah Center. This is a residential and day care intervention program that provides services for over 200 children at risk. We had different activities with the children and had the chance to interact with them.

We were off to dinner in one of the best falafel in Israel, Falafel Golani. It was delicious and entertaining to see the falafel balls thrown in the air just to land in a tasty pita.

On the way back to the Kibbutz we stopped at a gas station and Besalel, our new tour guide took advantage of the beautiful scenery from top of tall tower.

We are hoping that the sun will shine brightly tomorrow so we can go water rafting in the Jordan River.

Looking forward to talking to you tomorrow and spend our last Shabbat on the kibbutz.

Laila Tov,

Aviva, Rachel, Ben H, Morah Amalya, Morah Jacqui, and the rest of the 8th grade.


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