Israel Trip

Day 10

Oh My Gosh, it’s Day 10 already

Today we began our Tikun Olam auction on the bus! Anyone who left something on the bus (students were told not to) had to bid to get it back. It was a loud but fun occasion, and we raised about $100 for the Emunah Center, which we are visiting tomorrow.

Days 8 and 9

Days 8 and 9

There are two days’ worth of blogging so we will try to catch you up.

One of the first things we should tell you is that Yaakov, our medic, had to leave. Our new medic is Sahar. It was very telling when he said that he couldn’t tell which students were from which school. …

Day 7-digging in the dirt

Israel Blog Day #7

Today was mostly a travel day; we spent around four hours on the bus. It was actually relaxing, seeing as we’ve had about six hours of sleep a night for the past week. That being said, we still got to do exciting things today, which proves there really is no rest on t…

Days 5 and 6

It’s very late here and my entire blog post just disappeared! Please don't be too harsh about my grammar for this second attempt!


However, I wanted to give you a few highlights of the last two days. (There aren’t too many pics because of being in museums and, of course, shabbat.) W…

Day 4

This is Rabbi Amanda. Everyone is involved so I don’t want to take them away from what they have chosen to do. Most of our students chose not to go to Ben Yehuda this evening and they are in the hallway playing cards with our madrich, Uzi. It’s fun to watch. Everyone else went to Ben Yeh…