Day 1

It's hard to write because we're so tired, but Rabbi Amanda is making us. Yesterday, we spent a very long plane ride eating junk food, watching movies, and taking selfies.


When we finally got off we started our first day without any rest. We started by leading tefillah on the beach, and Rabbi Amanda thinks we did a very good job.

After that, with our eyes barely open, we toured the city of Jafo.

The madrich also gave us chocolate milk in bags!


Next, we enjoyed our first pizur lunch together at various resturants.


We then went to a very interesting museum where we split into groups to experience a little taste of what it would be like to be blind or deaf. Now we're on the bus back to our hotel, and the general feeling is an intense yearning to be clean.

- Hannah and Marcia

After dinner, our new madrich, Uzi, led us in a few icebreakers. They were fun and we got to learn a little more about Uzi, Yaakov (our medic) and the other teachers: Ilene Mautner from Kellman Brown (NJ) and Klaris Jenkins from B'nai Shalom (NC) and of course ourselves. The Ezra students then met together on their own to share their first night welcome gifts and the letters the parents wrote to their child/ren. It was a special moment.

It was a great first day!

Rabbi Amanda and Mrs. Ravski


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I hope you get a good night sleep and a shower. Tomorrow will be another great day! How are the kids from the other schools? Are you being inclusive and kind? We miss you. It's quiet around here without you!
Don't forget the hat and sunscreen. Take care of Mrs Ravski and Rabbi Amanda.
Dr. Waynik

Hi everyone
Amazingly this adding a comment now worked for me! I love what Marsha and Hannah wrote and the pictures, and all of us parents can’t wait to see more!! We so hope all of you are getting a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go have fun. Sending lots of love and good wishes for a safe, wonderful trip, with much appreciation to the leaders of this expedition!

I see lots of pink faces... Sunscreen people!!!!

We miss you very much already.

Hope you enjoy day 2!


Shoko Basakit on the first day????
Have a great time!!!

Hope you guys are having fun!!! #gohan

Glad to see you found some shade during tefillah on the beach. Hope you get some rest, and have a great day tomorrow.

-Steve and Judy

Hello all! Loved the photos and the blog. You are in Israel!! Please enjoy every moment (even when you are tired and sweaty).
We miss you.

This is wonderful!

Wow! It looks like you’ve mixed with the other group of kids nicely and that you are having fun! Are you more awake today? Can’t wait to hear what you did today!! Soak up the culture and community.

Love to all,

Risa (Ross’s mom)

Great to see the smiles! We all miss all of you. Sarah, your parakeet especially seems to miss you. She sings, and sings, then looks very silent and confused when I come in to feed her instead of you. Have a wonderful time! The cats and birds will manage till you get home....