Israel Trip

Day 2

Today was an early start. We woke up at 6:30 to do tefillah! Tefillah is actually not that bad. We all sing together and we mostly know the same tunes. It's been lovely doing tefillah outside.


Once we got onto the bus, the music started up and we danced and danced. It was quite t…

Day 1

It's hard to write because we're so tired, but Rabbi Amanda is making us. Yesterday, we spent a very long plane ride eating junk food, watching movies, and taking selfies.


When we finally got off we started our first day without any rest. We started by leading tefillah on the bea…

T-minus 1 day 14 hours 50 minutes

As you read these, please try to remember these are 13 year-olds!!!


"Woopsies, we are supes excited!" (Reuben)

"I am pysched to lay out my beach towel on the sand on the Mediterranean and lay back in the bright sun and take a nap." (Hannah)

"Ya'ight it's gonna be lit." (Owen)

"I r…