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This Week in 3 and 4, May 13

In music we got a piano duet from Maya and Leah and then went on to some writing! They’re working in groups to write music about a story they are also  writing. They got to use pianos, xylophones, drums, and guitars to start making their songs! The Mimi Award winner was Anna for her very …

This Week in Kochavim, May 13

During reading this week the children in grade 2 have been reading different chapter books and answering comprehension questions about the story they are reading.  Grade 1 read the story The Dot and is learning about identifying the big idea/ theme of a story.

The class also created beaut…

This Week in 3 and 4, May 6

Grades 1 /2 and 3 /4 worked together to build this teepee out of sticks during recess time. This was inspired by Yishai’s How to Project.

In Hebrew class, the students did sentence unscramble where they worked together to piece together the proper sentences.

We continued to work on ou…

This Week in Kochavim, May 6

The Kochavim class made Ahava/Love posters to remember the line from this week’s Torah portion that tells us to love our neighbors like ourselves. 



In Social Studies this week the children worked on making clay maps of Isreal.

They labeled the major cities of Israel, Gulf of E…

This Week in 3 and 4, April 29

This week in art we talked about the 4 elements of life. We each chose an element to represent abstractly in a circle. Next week we will finish them by doing a collaborative project.


This week we had a piano performance by Aaron and then went into our game! Our team leaders were Dar and…