Grades 3-4: Week of 10/9/23

In Science class, third graders took their weathervanes outside on Thursday to test them. And there was wind! Their vanes spun and showed the wind’s direction. Students took home their rain gauges with a chart to record the amount of rain falling outside their home. We can't wait to notice differences between neighborhoods. Fourth graders celebrated the ocular eclipse of the sun happening on Saturday by learning about it and by making pinhole cameras to safely view the eclipse. So, 4th grade parents, that Amazon box is really a camera!

This week in Music, we had a theory day and took notes on learning about time signatures and how to identify them when listening to music! We had Mira perform on the piano. Our Mimi Award winners were Will, Zippy, Daniella, and Hallel!
This week in Judaics, we studied in Parashat Breshit the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the story of Cain and Abel. In Hebrew we practiced/learned the colors, and started with the vocabulary of clothing. We also kept on practicing an introductory conversation.


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