Grades 3-4: Week of 11/6/23

The students had lots of fun happenings in the classroom this week.  First, we were able to write a letter to a Veteran to thank him/her for his/her service. After, we went through the electoral process because of Election Day on November 7. We prepared ballots, invited students and teachers to vote, then tallied the votes and announced the winners.  Lastly, we had a veteran visiting our class to explain to us what the life of a veteran is like, and we got to ask as many questions as we wanted to better understand what a veteran does. Ask your child to tell you more about one of these activities.

3rd Graders braved the chilly weather (they confirmed the chill in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees!) on Thursday to check out the cloud cover using their cloud finders. The consensus at 11:30 AM was that altocumulus clouds dominated the sky in Woodbridge.

4th Graders went outside in search of pinecones, acorns, and other seed-bearing structures. We “helped” disperse dandelion seeds and noted that the tap roots of the dandelion are strong. No wonder these plants are so numerous!

This week in Hebrew, we learned and practiced some new verbs. We also continued our conversational Hebrew routine. In Judaics we studied Parshat's “The Life of Sarah,” spoke about it, and even made some plays that we all enjoyed watching.

This week in Art, the students learned about Colonial American quilting and started to create their own paper quilt design.

This week in Music was instrument week, and we divided into groups to make four measures of rhythms, and then did drum circles to perform them! Our performers were Zippy on the piano and Anya singing! Our Mimi Award winners were Gilad, Ofir, Jonathan, and Adiel!


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