Grades 3-4: Week of 1/29/24

This week in Math, 3rd graders started doing long divisions (two-digit numbers by a one-digit numbers) while 4th grade began the fraction unit.

In science, 3rd graders used their knowledge of longitude and latitude to compare the global positions of Jerusalem, Israel, and Woodbridge, CT on the globe. 4th graders had a hair-raising time moving electrons around using balloons.

This week in art the students finished their winter silhouette projects and created snowflakes from cut paper.

This week in music they learned about orchestral instruments! 

This week in Judaics, we learned Parshat Yithro, discussed the Ten Commandments, made some connections between them, and spoke about some related values. In Hebrew, we are learning new words and how to use them from our textbook and workbook, and we keep on practicing the infinitives in sentences. We were also engaged in speaking activities to share things about ourselves, and to feel more comfortable with using the Hebrew language.



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