The Keshet Experience October 25-November 1


From Morah Beth :

Wow... a full week of school!!! We almost forgot that's how it is done.  We have had a wonderful week, full or HaShem Sheli rehearsals, Whole School Tefillot, stories, songs, and of course lots of learning

We have begun a new read-aloud...Peter Pan! Not only is this classic a great read but we are also going to be seeing the play in December!!!!

This week in  Math  the 1st graders completed the chapter on positional numbers and adding to a group of 10. Children in Kindergarten continue to work on counting backwards and finding the missing numbers without starting at one (or ten if counting back). 

Journal Writing has continued daily. Children are not only working on getting their thoughts on paper using a complete sentence(s), but also letter formation, word spacing, line usage. We continue to talk about when to use uppercase letters and punctuation as well. 

Monday's journal entry was to share something they had done over the weekend. 

Tuesday children were asked to write about what makes them special. 

On Wednesday the children were asked to write about themselves! Each child filled out a page with all of their favorites! (on display outside the classroom .  

Thursday's journal entry was from this weeks parsha, Parshat Noah. "If you were one of Noah's children what would you have brought on the ark with you?

As usual Friday focused on ABC Order and sight word practice. 

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on non-verbal signals. We have all been there... an important conversation, when a little face pops up asking you random questions or sharing a story about their day. We talked about the fact that sometimes moms and dads need to do things at home and interruptions make their job much more of a challenge. Your children have been reminded that interrupting is not a pleasant experience for anyone, and in an effort to always use our best manners we have hand signals that will help us communicate. In the classroom we have many signals that we use in an effort to NOT interrupt. Ask your child to show you the symbols for... - water - bathroom- question - please wait - quiet  and no/not now . Each child was asked to talk with their family about creating non-verbal signals for home in an effort to cut down on interruptions when you or others are busy. With all of this talk about manners, we do understand that there is definitely a time when children need to interrupt a teacher or parent.  For example; if there is a fire, a DD behavior, someone is going to be sick, or if Hugh Jackman enters the room and is looking for me! 

The first graders received another spellinglist, focusing on/dr/, /tr/, /gr/ consonant blends. The words are becoming more challenging and the children seem to be rising to the occasion. Kindergarten children have been reassessed on their September and October sight wordsand have been provided November's list as well. In class we practice these words with a variety of small activities to help reinforce the work that takes place at home. 

From Morah Gila:

The keshet class is learning new songs in Hebrew for our upcoming “Shem Sheli” presentation. One song uses some body parts words, and we are extending this vocabulary into other activities such as “Shimon omer” (Simon says). Our other song has lots of useful Hebrew vocabulary! So much learning going on – and so very cute!! But this time I am not sending links to the songs! We want you to be surprised on Friday, November 8th.

We also had a special time this week with our wonderful Israeli emissaries, Tal and Li’on. The children played some really cute games, including musical chairs. 

This week the Kindergarten heard some simple stories in Hebrew. They also played either Go Fish or Memory with the letters alef, bet, vet, gimmel, dalet, and hey. This was a review. We are currently learning the letter vav. We played our flyswatter game with the letters through vav, and also identified the first letter of many words. We used letter stamps and paints for the letters gimmel, daled and hay, with an emphasis on stamping the letters right side up. We have continued decorating letters for our beautiful multi-media alef-bet books. In creating these books, so far we have used sand, tissue paper and dot markers. 

Somefirst graders are continuing with Hebrew letter recognition games, beginning decoding and stories in Hebrew. In the stories, some words are repeated with great frequency. These have become our sight words, which the children can read without necessarily knowing all of the letters and vowels. Other first graders are continuing to increase decoding accuracy and fluency, both with modern Hebrew words and “tefillah words”. They are hearing and reading stories, and continuing to grow in their writing. Some are learning to write in Hebrew script. Their hands may be tired from practicing the new letters! 6 of our first graders (two groups) finished their current Hebrew workbooks on Thursday! Mazal Tov! 

During our “quiet work” this week (after lunch), the students continued to work on their Alef-Bet dictionaries, each at their own level. They are learning to use the published alef-bet dictionary books as resources, and they seem to enjoy getting to choose their own words for the dictionaries they are creating.

This week’s parshah is Noah. There are so many wonderful stories about Noah and the Ark, the animals, the rainbow, the dove and the Tower of Babel. We have been enjoying some short videos, too. We also have had some interesting discussions on many themes that are in the Parshah. The children enjoyed Noah’s Ark puzzles, and they worked together with such beautiful cooperation and team effort! What a wonderful group. J

In tefillah this week, we enjoyed attending the Rosh Chodesh service on Tuesday. This way our Keshet students are herning and beginning to learn the Hallel prayers. (We did not attend whole school tefillah this Thursday. One large and long community service per week is plenty for this age group.)

This week, Kabbalat Shabbat was in the chapel with the whole school community. Our Keshet children participated very nicely.

This week we continued learning to sing hatikvah accurately, and we discussed the meaning of the words. It is surprising to the children that the song and the desire of Jewish people to return to Israelare so much older than the modern state. Our discussion of Israel, its flag and national anthem was supplemented with videos of people singing Hatikvah both in and outside of Israel. We discussed our connections to Israel, and we talked about the connection of Jewish people all over the world to Israel, even if they have never been there.

Please clink on the link to enjoy this week's photos:

Shabbat Shalom, 

Morah Beth and Morah Gila


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