Thanksgiving Week in 3 and 4

In Judaics, we read summaries of each aliyah of this week’s Torah readings and gave each one a title. Learning more about Chanukah and halachot (laws) associated with it is a main focus.


We read about Thanksgiving myths and practiced finding information in a nonfiction article. We also read and followed directions to build a Turkey fortune teller puppet, also known as a “cootie catcher “. The students enjoyed telling each other’s fortunes throughout the day.



The 3/4 class started the year in art class creating life size portraits of themselves. We moved on to painting rainbow trees, which emphasized the color wheel as well as introduced them to silhouettes. In collaboration with what they are learning in social studies, each student created a Colonial American paper quilt square using geometric shapes and patterns. They then made a border for each and stapled them together to create a quilt. In celebration of Latin/Mexican culture, they created “Day of the Dead” skulls and learned about this honored tradition. In celebration of Thanksgiving, the students made large expressive turkey faces using the technique of wax resist. They are currently learning about one-point perspective and creating a landscape scene.



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