The Keset Experience - January 1-10

We have begun reading a new chapter book. James and The Giant Peach is already a hit with the children!!! Please ask your children what characters they have been introduced to. It was so nice to pick up with our reading groups. Children continue to work in small groups, although groups have shifted and many children have new reading buddies. We have been working a great deal on cause and effect, which is a challenging concept. I encourage you to point these out to your children within their reading or life in general. 


In  Math the1st graders began working on how to properly use a number line. They also began a new chapter in their new books...very exciting stuff! The unit worked on focused on making groups of 10 and adding to 40.

The kindergarten children have also begun their new book with a unit on making a 10 as well. Children are learning to identify place value of a double digit numeral. Give your child a number and ask how many tens and how many ones are i that number!


Writing has continued daily. Upon entering the classroom the children find their journals. At each table, the journal entry for the day has been written and children are asked to (do their best to) read the prompt and work independently, illustrate and date their entry.

Thursday (1/2) - Talk about one fun activity you did over vacation. 

Monday- (1/6) - Name something you are interested in and explain why.

Tuesday - (1/7) - What job would you like to have when you grow up? Why?

Wednesday - (1/8) - What do you think you might be famous for when you grow up?

Thursday (1/9) - If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go and why?

The 1st graders have also begun a more detailed writing program. We began with talking about sentences. Ask your children these questions. 

What is a sentence? (A group of words that make up a complete thought). What types of sentences are there? (Telling and asking), What do sentences need? (Upper case at the beginning and punctuation at the end.)


 This week's Open Circlefocused on Leadership". Children were asked what they thought it meant to be a leader.  If there are times during the day when people are leaders in the classroom or out on the playground. We then discussed what  they can do to be good leaders.  Children were then divided into small groups and given situations to role play. Ask your child if they were in the T-Rex drawing group or the computer group.


Spelling for last week was a review of past words and this week the children were introduced to the long /a/ with a silent /e/. 

September - December sight wordshave been reassessed and January words have been provided for the kindergarten students. Children should continue to practice spelling and sight words at home using the grid provided or any strategy they enjoy. 


With the new year we have also begun a new Social Studiesunit. The next few weeks we will be learning about maps. On Monday children observed the difference between a world map and a globe. We marked where we have all traveled to, inside and outside of the United States.We also talked about what is shown on a map/globe. (cities are inside states, are inside countries). We will continue this unit next week. 


While Morah Gila has been out we have been very lucky to have Morah Rivka! She has been so wonderful and has worked with your children on so many wonderful activities. 


For Hebrew children have continued through their books continued to learn letters.  


For Shabbateach child gave one reason they liked shabbat and drew a labeled picture of the shabbat table. Last week we gathered for Kabbalat Shabbat and were introduced to our new "Mishpachot". This is a mixture of children from each grade who sit together for Tefillah, WS Kabbalat Shabbat and will be teams for activities like Purim, Exodus games, etc. Michpachot will also have opportunities to work together for fun activities in and outside of school. This week we shared a lovely in class Kabbalat Shabbat with Morah Dawn. 


In Judaics children have learned about the mezuzah, what is inside, what tefillah is inside and why. The children then walked around school looking at the many different types of mezzuzot. 

Children also talked about what makes a Jewish home and created adorable family portraits in honor of Ezra's new Mishpacha groups. . (please see out latest bulletin board.)


Please clink on the link to enjoy this week's photos:

Shabbat Shalom, 


Morah Beth and Morah Rivkah


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