The Keshet experience - December 9-13

From Morah Beth 

Chanukah rehearsals are in FULL swing! We are excited to share what we think will be an amazing performance with you.

We have been reading a variety of Chanukah stories this week. Children have been broken up into their reading groups and provided with some classic Chanukah stories. After reading the stories they answered some comprehension questions and each had the opportunity to share their feelings on the Chanukah production!


This week in the1st graders completed a chapter on comparing numbers through subtraction. They have been reading a variety of word problems and are learning decoding the vocabulary that tells them what formula they should use. Pictures and manipulatives are used to provide a visual experience as well. 

Kindergarten children have been working on number sense, and simple addition and subtraction through a math centers/games. We will begin the new book when we return from winter break. 


Journal entries continue daily with a variety of prompts.  

Monday- Name a job you do at home and tell what you do for it. 

Tuesday - What do you think you are good at in school?

Wednesday - Did you enjoy the Peter Pan show? Why or why not?

Friday - How do you feel about the Chanukah production?


This week's spelling list consisted of /wh/ /th/ words.  Children also continue to practice ABC order. December sight words are being taught and September-November's are being reviewed. Please continue to review these words with your child. 


From Morah Gila:

Hebrew Language: This week we continued our conversational Hebrew lessons with a review of colors, and the addition of new words for clothing. We have a rotation of brief conversational Hebrew lessons that include body parts (Simon says), action words (while acting out the actions), numbers (counting our jumps!), days of the week (today, tomorrow and yesterday), weather and “How are you?” The children are also taught and encouraged to ask to get a drink or go to the bathroom in Hebrew, but not in an emergency!! These brief lessons are enjoyed by all, even our native speakers, who help to model the language for those who are just learning.


The kindergarten continues to learn new Hebrew letters. The letters are repeated and reinforced through many different activities. This week we had tracing, memory games, scarecrow games, “Read and Do Boards” (read, place, trace, write and find the match), singing the Alef-Bet song and more. The children are making wonderful progress! 


Our first grade “decoders” are making wonderful progress! They have been reviewing, reinforcing and adding new skills each week. Their reading is coming along beautifully.


Those first graders who are learning script writing have added two new letters this week. The students are practicing forming the letters, recognizing the letters (through various games), and reading words using the letters they have learned. They also are being exposed to all of the letters in script with a word matching game. They match a word written in script to the same word written in print. They are making beautiful progress!


Those who are reading well are continuing to increase their precision and fluency. They are also reading for comprehension. Once or twice a week they are writing sentences, sometimes describing what they see in a picture and sometimes from a vocabulary list.


All of the students are continuing to add pages to their picture dictionaries. This project includes words for many students and sentences for those who are up to that. All of the children illustrate their dictionary entries.


Tefillah: We are continuing with the theme of being thankful (our tefillah theme for the year). We are focusing now on Birkot Hashahar. We have discussed the first blessing, in which the rooster helps wake us up for a new day. God has given the rooster a special gift that also helps people (especially on a farm and especially before alarm clocks were invented). We discussed what other animals have unique or special characteristics. The conversation included mention of donkeys, giraffes, birds (including parrots), and even the special gifts that God has given to people.


Hanukkah: We have been learning all about the brave Maccabees, the big Greek army and the Holy Temple. We have talked about idols, religious freedom, a special menorah and a small container of oil. Ask your child about the two miracles of Hanukkah! Ask them about the difference between a menorah and a hanukkiah, and on which side of the hanukkiah we place the first night’s candle. We have been singing traditional Hanukkah songs, and we have been learning songs for our Hanukkah production. We have had many rehearsals this week, including on the big stage! It is all very exciting! Don’t be surprised if your children are more tired than usual at the end of the day.


Israel/History: Our wonderful emissaries came to the Keshet class with a very interesting lesson about Eliezer Ben Yehuda. Thank you to Yair’s family for providing the great Hebrew story that inspired and was the centerpiece of the lesson. There was so much information about the history of the Hebrew language. Then the children were challenged to think about historical context with a quiz type game that asked if a Hebrew word was from Ben Yehuda’s time, or if it is more modern. 


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Shabbat Shalom, 


Morah Beth and Morah Gila


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