The Keshet Experience February 3-7

From Morah Beth 

Reading groups have been focused on Black History Month. Children are being provided with books and passages about many of the influential men and women who fought for equal rights during a time of injustice. MLK, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, etc have been and will continue to be discussed throughout the month. 

In Math 1st graders have been continuing to work with the "up/down" addition and subtraction method. Sometimes with regrouping and sometimes without. Children are working on place value and making sure their numbers are lined up properly. They had a chance to practice these skills through some fun math centers. Upon completion children switched papers and corrected each others work. 

In Kindergarten children continued to work with number bonds that they then transferred into equations. They began with being given the 2 parts and having to find the whole, and then moved on to having one part and a whole and having to find the other part. Manipulatives and number lines were provided for assistance if needed. 

Writing continues with children finding their journal and looking for the writing prompt at their table. Children are asked to (do their best to) read the prompt and work independently, illustrate and date their entry. at this point in the year children are writing one introduction sentence (using part of the question), 2 sentences that explain why, and are developing the ability to use a conclusion sentence. 

Monday- Would you rather be tall or short? Why?

Tuesday - What makes you feel safe? Why?

Wednesday - what is your favorite animal? Why?

Thursday-  What is your favorite thing to pretend? Why

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on practicing positive self talk. Ask your child to tell you the story of the baby birds who were learning to fly. What happened to the bird who said that he couldn't? What happened to the bird who tried even though he was uncomfortable?  After the story we went around the circle and using positive self talk, shared something that seems challenging but that we would like to try. 

Spelling this week's spelling skill was a mixed long vowel review. Kindergarten children have been provided with a list of February sightwordsto review. Everyone has been doing so beautifully with learning and retaining their words. 

From Morah Gila:

This week we have continued to learn about Tu Beshevat, trees and caring for the environment. We heard Tu Beshevat stories in both Hebrew and English. After learning the song “HaSchediah Porachat” (The Almond Tree is Blooming), we did an art project depicting the meaning of the song. Come see them hanging on our bulletin board inside the classroom!

Our Kindergarten students were introduced to the letter samech this week. We traced the letter with and without sensory bags, decorated the big letter for our Alef-Bet books and played games with the new letter included. The children have many sight words in Hebrew and are also beginning to decode. They are doing a great job and making excellent progress!

The first graders are also making great progress in Hebrew. One group is rapidly progressing through their third reader, which increases sight words and reading comprehension while reviewing the alef-bet and practicing decoding skills. They also have a decoding text/workbook that works towards prayer-word fluency. They are doing some writing in Hebrew, but writing in Hebrew block letters is not a skill that I am emphasizing. It is useful for reinforcing letter recognition, but will not need to be perfected since it will be replaced with script writing as soon as the group is ready. This group has been playing games that include many sight words! They are doing a great job with this new challenge!

The other first grade Hebrew group is working on increasingly complex phonetic decoding skills, increasing reading fluency, reading comprehension and writing skills. They are currently adding the letters alef and gimmel in script writing, and we are reading in script and playing games with words written in script. 

This week’s parshah is Beshalach. We heard all about the Israelites crossing the Reed Sea, and we made a craft that shows how it might have looked.

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Shabbat Shalom!



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