The Keshet Experience - January 20-24

Next week is our first Spirit Week of the year. We hope for full participation from all students.  This is a list of what we are doing each day: 
Monday: Inside-Out Day:  Wear your clothes inside out. 
Tuesday: Dress like a Teacher Day (for Students) and Dress like a Student Day (for Teachers)
Wednesday: Bring your Fur Friend to School Day (This means stuffed animals, by the way)
Thursday: Movie Superhero Day: Dress like favorite movie or comic book hero.
Friday: Pajama Day:  Just roll out of bed and come in your pajamas.  IMPORTANT: 
Sincerely yours, 

The Ezra Student Council 

Reading this week has focused on Tu B'Shevat stories and more James and the Giant Peach! Ask your child what characters we have met so far? Ask what the current setting is? What problems has James encountered so far. 

In Math first graders are continuing to develop the skill of subtraction with regrouping. Children are reminded of the importance of using the place value system when writing equations. 

Kindergarten children have been working on math facts with a variety of hands on activities. 

Writing has continued daily. Upon entering the classroom the children continue  find their journal and look for their writing prompt at their table. Children are asked to (do their best to) read the prompt and work independently, illustrate and date their entry.

Tuesday - Would you rather be a pirate or a jungle explorer? Why?

Wednesday - What is your favorite room in your house? What do you like to do there?

Thursday - How would you feel if your parents told you that you were going to move? What would you do?

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on how to appropriately express anger. It is important for children to understand that feeling angry is okay, however, it is not okay to use their hands or unkind words. Ask your child to tell you the story of Tom and Ben. What happened? How did each of the boys feel? Why? What could have/should have been done instead?

Spelling this week's spelling skill was long /o/ with a silent /e/. 

Kindergarten children are continuing to practice the sight wordsthey have been provided. Many children are also working on phonemic awareness through the Explode the Code program. The main focus has been the short vowel sounds. 

 The Social Studies mapping unit continued with learning about the continents and oceans. Ask your child how many continents there are, and if they can sing the song? What is the equator?  What happens if you are close/far from the equator? Ask them how many oceans the earth has? What is an ocean? What is the smallest ocean? The largest? Why do we see the Pacific Ocean in two places on the map? After learning about the continents and oceans we watched/listened to some fun songs to help us learn them.

From Morah Gila – 

I hope that everyone enjoyed the long weekend! I am so happyto be back at school with your children!

The Kindergarten was introduced to the letter nun this week. We have traced the letter with and without sensory bags, and we have played a memory game with all of the letters up to nun. Also, we have worked on the nun pages in our workbooks.

The class enjoyed singing several of our favorite songstogether. Ask your child what songs we learned so far this year are their favorites.

The first graders are making wonderful progress in Hebrew language. One group finished a book that focused on decoding and short stories with words including letters up to the letter yud (the green Ariyot book). They began the purple Ariyot book, and started off strong! They also played a Go Fish game to reinforce their decoding skills. Another group finished a Tal Am book of Bereshit, and they will begin the Shemot book shortly. Another group was hard at work in a book that focuses on reading comprehension with the themes: me, my family and my classroom. Some students are reading a series of amusing short books on their own.

The whole class continued to learn about items of winter clothing with a snowman project. These will be displayed on the bulletin board in the classroom. The first graders also completed a worksheet about winter clothing of different colors, and the children drew pictures of winter clothing items. We also made a Mem entry in our picture dictionaries.

In our class tefillah lessons, we have a short service followed by lesson. We are currently learning which foods go with which blessing. This week we worked on the blessing for tree fruits. Ask your child what fruits go with this blessing. Do nuts go with this blessing? What about bananas? 

This week’s parshah is Bo. God tells Moshe and Aaron to go to Pharaoh to ask him to free the Jews. He refused, and then came the ten plagues. After the last plague, the Jewish people were freed. Then Pharaoh changed his mind. Egyptians chased the Jewish people as the Red Sea parted to let them through.

We began learning about the upcoming holiday of Tu Beshevat. In addition to stories and lessons about trees and the environment, we are also learning lots of songs related to the holiday. We learned that the holiday takes place on the 15thday of Shevat, and that it is also called the holiday of the trees. We brainstormed so many ways in which trees are special and helpful to us and to animals.

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Shabbat Shalom, 

Morah Beth and Gila



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