The Keshet experience -January 27-31

What a spirited week. Children came in costume and ready to share their enthusiasm for Ezra! Of course pajama day was our favorite, but a special visit from Bubby's puppy for "fur friends day" was also a highlight! 

Reading groups continued this week with focus on cause and effect skills, as well as identifying nouns and verbs. We also read more of James and the Giant Peach. Ask your child...

In Math first grade children have spent the week reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping.  This is a challenging skill that requires repetition in school and practice at home. Kindergarten children have begun to learn the formal addition process, through pictures and number bonds. Ask your child to show you how to complete a number bond.  


Writing has continued with their journal entries. Children are asked to (do their best to) read the prompt and work independently, illustrate and date their entry.

Monday- What do you like to do when t gets warm outside?

Wednesday - What do you do when one of your friends is sad?

Thursday - Who is the nicest person you know? What makes him or her so special?

The children were all introduced to a "paragraph". They learned that a paragraph must have, an introduction sentence, two detail sentences, and a closing sentence. Children have now been incorporating this skill into their journal writing. 

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on "body language". We discussed how body language is a way to send messages to others using your face, body, or hands. Ask your child to communicate with you using their body language and NO words. 

Spelling this week's spelling skill was long /e/ with a silent /e/. Children worked through their Spelling and Vocabulary book as well as putting their words into ABC order. Kindergarten children are getting ready for their next sight word assessment and are excited for the February words!

 Social Studies continued with a conclusion on the oceans and continents. Children were provided a blank world map and the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans to label. They worked together and did a fantastic job. 

From Morah Gila – 

This week we continued learning about Tu Beshevat. We heard stories in Hebrew and English about trees and about taking care of the environment. We heard the story of Honi, who slept for 70 years and witnessed a carob tree grow to maturity. Half of the children woke and interviewed the other half, our sleeping “Honis.” They enjoyed using a pretend microphone when it was their turn! Ask you child if they were playing the part of Honi, or if they were interviewing Honi. Ask them why someone would plant a tree if they will no longer be around when the tree bears fruit.We also had a chance to see a few short videos about the celebration of Tu Beshevat in Israel.

On Tuesday, we had a wonderful lesson with our Israeli emissaries. They read The Hungry Caterpillarin Hebrew, and they used an interactive game to reinforce vocabulary including fruits and other foods. This coordinated well with our Tu Beshevat unit, since we have been discussing “What do trees give us?” This lesson also fits in very well with our Brachot unit, in which we have discussed the fruits that go with the blessing “borei prie ha’etz.” The lesson continued with a fun art activity. Come see our caterpillars on the bulletin board inside the classroom!

This week’s parshah is Bo. We continue to hear the story of the Exodus. The children are captivated by the story. We will spend significantly more time on this topic closer to Pesach. 

Our Hebrew languagestudies progress, as per usual. The Kindergarten reviewed all of the letters up to nun. They decorated a big mem with doodles and designs. They decorated a big nun with rainbow loom loops and colored pencil. They played games with the letters that they have learned, and they completed a new kind of worksheet. The first grade worked on decoding skills in their new books. They played a big fly swatter game. The group that is learning script was practicing reading in script, and they did a bit of writing practice, as well.

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Shabbat Shalom, 

Morah Beth and Morah Gila


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