The Keshet Experience May 6-10

The kindness was flowing throughout the week! We collected food donations for the JFS Food Pantry, pet donations for a local animal shelter, tzedekah that was added to the teacher's charity to the Cystic Fibrosis fund, kindness rocks, and sweet treats for our local fire department. With each activity the children were asked to think of others and to give a little of themselves to help brighten the day for others. 

We continued our Science unit on the Solar System!!!! This week we learned about Mercury and Venus. Ask your children the following questions about these planets. 

Which planet is the closest to the sun? What is Earth's "sister planet"? (Venus) Why? (because Venus has clouds, mountains and volcanoes like earth.) Which of the two planets is the hottest? (Venus, even though it is the second closest to the sun.) Why? Because of it's thick clouds that trap the heat.)

Reading consisted of a variety of read-a-loud books. Mostly about Israel and Yom Ha Atzamaut! Children thought about characters, setting, and story details. 

Phonics and Sight Word work continue with  a variety of games and activities to strengthen their retention. Children in Kindergarten worked on some new sight words as they become ready for them, while 1st graders worked on compound words from the Spelling program. 

 In Math the Kindergarten children have been strengthening their addition and subtraction abilities through a variety of center based, game like activities. and we are all done with our books!!!!!

First graders began a unit on numbers to 120. We also talked about estimation, ordinal numbers and the greater than, less than symbols. 

This week in our Hebrew language studies, we have been learning a new song “Ani Naki”. It is all about hand washing, and the children are just adorable singing it with hand motions! Some students have finished workbooks and began new ones. Children in Things 2 and some in Things 1 are practicing their decoding skills. Many of the students in Things 1 have learned new vowels, and lots have tried new, different and more challenging Hebrew language learning games.

In class on Wednesday, we briefly discussed Yom Hazikaron. We talked about the importance of the Israeli Army and protecting Israel. We discussed honoring all of the fallen Israeli soldiers. In our class tefillah, we had a full minute of silence to honor them. Then we sang tefillot that ask for peace.

Yom Ha’atzmaut Sameah!!! We have been learning about Israel in class. Of course, many of our students know Israel quite well! We have been learning songs about Israel – “Zum Gali Gali” and “Eretz Zavat Halav”. We have looked at maps, listened to stories and watched videos about different places and aspects of life in Israel. We made Israeli flags in class, putting the pieces together by following directions. We also enjoyed a school wide celebration of Israel filled with flags, yummy falafel, fun Israeli games, and dancing!

We continue to slowly add more tefillot to our class morning service. We discuss the meanings of the tefillot and work to learn the words with accuracy.

This week’s parshah is Kedoshim. We discussed the idea of being holy. We can be holy by honoring parents, not worshiping idols, observing Shabbat, leaving the corners of our fields for those who are hungry, not stealing, not taking advantage of handicaps, judging cases fairly, not hating people, and loving our neighbor as ourselves. God also reminds us to treat strangers with fairness, because we were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Mother's Day!

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