The Keshet Experience November 4-7

From Morah Beth 

We are so thrilled to have been able to celebrate HaShem Sheli with you. We absolutely LOVED hearing about your children's names and why you chose it for them. Thank you all so much for your support. I have also sent home the recipe for the muffins we made with Bubby! Enjoy!!!

This week in  Math  the 1st graders are continuing with a very complicated skill. Adding and subtracting by making a 10. This is a multi-step process that will eventually come naturally to them. It is very important for your children to continue to work on their math facts. Facts that make 10 as well as the doubles facts are very important to these and future lessons. Children in Kindergarten have been working on 2 and3 dimensional shapes. Children have been working on matching 2 dimensional shapes with the three dimensional objects, as well as object we see in everyday life to their shape. They also began a unit on patterning. The children learned that patterns can be created in a variety of ways. Size, shape, color, etc...

We are continuing with out human body unit in science. This week we covered many organs. Please ask your child about the following internal organs. 


What is the spleen?It is s an organ that works for the red blood cells and it helps make the white blood cells that help keep me healthy. 

How does the spleen "work " for your blood? It destroys the old worn out blood cells and  sends the leftover parts back into the bloodstream to be used in making new cells. 


What is the pancreas? A gland that helps digest the food we eat. 

Why is the pancreas important? It (pancreatic juice) helps break apart the foods we eat so our bodies can use it for energy. It also controls our sugar. 


What is a gallbladder? It is an organ that is under the liver and shaped like a pear. It like a tiny "storehouse" for the bile the body makes. 

What is the greenish yellow liquid called and what does it do? It is called bile and it  helps the body break down and use fats. 


What is the stomach? It is like a stretch bag that holds the food after we eat. It also helps break the food apart. 

How is the stomach magical? It can shrink and expand. 

Writing has continued daily. 

Monday's journal entry was to share something they had done over the weekend. 

Tuesdaychildren were asked to write about what frightens them.

On Wednesdaythe children were asked to write about something that makes them feel happy. In the afternoon children also wrote about what behaviors the children though we should talk about at conferences. 

As usual Fridayfocused on ABC Order and sight word practice. 

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on "Speaking Up" ...Just in time for HaShem Sheli! Children were taught how to present themselves in a variety of situations. Ask your child why making eye contact is important? Ask them to show you how they enunciate, and why their voice volume is important. 

The first graders received another spelling list, focusing on /cl/,/fl/, and /sl/ consonant blends.  Spelling and sight words are taught and reviewed throughout the week. Kindergarten students are also working through the Explode the Code phonics program. This program helps to create a strong sense of phonemic awareness. 

From Morah Gila:

What an exciting week! We have practiced our entire presentation for the “Shem Sheli” program,  including the Hebrew songs, all week long. The children couldn’t wait for the event, with all of our guests with us to enjoy the results of our hard work. Thank you to all who were in attendance and to all who provided snacks for our celebration.

Also this week, we reviewed our colors, numbers, aleph-Bet song, days of the week and body parts through conversation and games. Also, I have encouraged the children to ask “Efshar Lishtot?” when they wish to go get a drink. Feel free to reinforce these conversational skills at home! (Our native Hebrew speakers help their friends!) 

The Kindergarten learned the letter zayin this week. We have traced the letter, written the letter, decorated the letter and searched for the letters hiding in a picture. We have played games with all the letters that we have learned so far, and this week the children guessed the letter that I drew on their backs. They loved this new activity! (I briefly mentioned to the children that no one is to touch them without permission, and I modeled this behavior with each one of them.)

Many of our first graders  started new Hebrew books this week. Our beginning decoders are making excellent progress! They can already read a short story in Hebrew. Our readers are decoding more fluently, and they continue working on their writing, as well. Those learning script continued to make progress, including a challenging attempt at matching print and script words to each other!

This week’s parshah is Lech Leha. We learned a lot about Abraham and Sarah, including their journey from their birthplace to where God “will show” them, which turned out to be Cana’an (Israel). We also found out about how Abraham and Sarah modeled the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim, welcoming guests. And we learned that Sarah laughed when she heard that she would have her son, Yitzhak, so late in life.

Please clink on the link to enjoy this week's photos:

Shabbat Shalom, 

Morah Beth and Morah Gila


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