The Keshet Experience October 14-25

Two more short weeks, but LOTS more learning and activities! When we returned to school on Wednesday we had a special birthday celebration for Bubby! She came through the door and everyone jumped up and yelled surprise!!!! We celebrated with cards and pictures the children made for her as well as some yummy cake from Edge of the Woods. We also had a wonderful time with all of the grandparents and special friends who came to visit us last Friday. We shared some of our routine and fun Simchat Torah crafts and story!

From Morah Beth:

Our Science unit on the human body has continued. Last week we learned about the kidneys and bladder. Ask your child if they remember what each of these organs do for us. (And yes... there were lots of giggles while learning about the bladder and a bit more when we had to place them on the body cut-outs in the hallway! Oh how I love this age!!! :) 

 We have continued reading groupswhich have really been running so nicely. The children are becoming more independent readers and workers! Each group is provided with a book for shared reading. Children take turns reading a page or two aloud and then work independently on specific skillsChronological order, sequencing. We have also completed reading Charlotte's Web. Ask your children the following questions about what we have read. 

Where did Wilbur go? Who came with him? Why? Who was Fern on the Ferris Wheel with? What was Charlotte's newest creation? What was the sad part of the story? How did it have a happy ending? As a special treat, we watched the Charlotte's Web movie with giant venn diagrams in order to compare and contrast the stories. 

Last week in  Math the 1st graders completed their unit on subtraction and began a unit on positional numbers. We use these numbers when we talk about order. Examples we came up with were; place in line, team winners, and calendar dates.  Children in Kindergarten worked on counting forwards and backwards. This will tie into addition and subtraction when we get there.  This week the 1st graders worked on completing a cumulative review of skills learned thus far. 

Writing has continued daily with journal entries. 

* Last Wednesday children were asked to write about "One Good Deed" they did (from the story we read last week). 

* Thursday they wrote about the different skills we have learned about in our Open Circle program.

* On Friday the Kindergarten children worked on their October sight words, while 1st graders worked on ABC order of their spelling words. 

This past Wednesday children were asked to write about a favorite experience from Special Friend's Day.  

today was again a day to work on sight words and ABC Order with spelling words. 

The first graders received spellinglists. Last week they focused on a mixed short vowel review, and this week the /nt/,/mp/ consonant blend was the focus.  The kindergarten children are reviewing their September sight wordsand working on their October ones. Assessments are given on a regular basis and will continue to be sent home in order to keep track of progress. 

From Morah Gila:

The past two weeks have been filled with fun and learning here in the Keshet class! Of course, our focus on the fall holidays has come to a close. Last week, we enjoyed stories, discussions, prayers and art projects about Simhat Torah. In our big celebration with our visitors on Grandparents’ and Special Persons’ Day,we heard the wonderful story, When Zaydeh Danced on Eldridge Street, by Elsa Okon Rael. We created artwork which emphasized our love of Torah, using the last letter of the word Yisrael, which is the last letter of the Torah – lamed – and the first letter of the first book of the Torah – the bet/vet from Beresheet. Of course, lamed-vet spells “lev” or heart. We also sang and danced a bit at the end of our time in class together, and then joined the whole school community for Kabbalat Shabbat.

In our Hebrew language studies, we have continued to make beautiful progress. The Kindergartenis busy decorating all the letters of the alef-bet that we have studied so far this year. We play games such as the fly swatter game and memory to reinforce letter recognition and to begin recognizing sight words such as Abba, Ima and the names of the children in our class. Also, we are hearing simple stories in Hebrew.

The first grade students are continuing to make progress reading Hebrew, each at their own level. We are also hearing stories in Hebrew. Many of the first graders have begun to learn to write in Hebrew script handwriting. 

As always, the entire Keshet classis learning new songs (in Hebrew, of course!) together.

We are learning about Parshat Bereshit. We discussed the days of creation, a bit about the Garden of Eden, and also a bit about Cain and Abel. (Don’t throw rocks!!) We heard a wonderful story, Adam’s Animals, by Barry L. Schwartz.

We have begun to learn about the differences between the Jewish calendarand the secular calendar. Ask the children which one is older! Ask if they know which one is based on the moon and which is based upon the sun!

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Shabbat shalom!!!


Beth and Gila


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