The Keshet Experience September 16-20

From Morah Beth:

We all had fantastic time of the field trip. The children learned about bees, the anatomy of an apple and took a tour of Massaro farm! It was really a fun way to start a new year!

First thing Monday morning those children who received reading books (or have independently chosen a book to read) met with me to discuss their book. These meetings are a great way for me to asses their ability to comprehend and identify key skills we have been working on. 

 We have also continued reading Charlotte's Web. Charlotte is on her second word and her tricks seem to be working! Ask your child who Templeton is and what they ting about his character. We also read a few stories to get us in the mood for rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Ask your child about The Ziz and all he had to do to find the hardest word. You can also ask them about Minnie's birthday, and why it was so different and so special. 

In addition to our read-a-loud children have continued working in groups on  a variety of phonics/reading skills. Phonics based games are a part of reading and our class has been working through so many skills! Rhyming, beginning sounds, as well as main idea, details, characters and setting. 

This week in  Math the 1st graders have continued to work with addition equations. They have been identifying the parts and the whole and in addition to solving the equation (finding the whole) they have been finding the missing parts as well! They are also continuing to work on number bonds and addition equations as well as determining what "equal to" means. Children in Kindergarten have been becoming more familiar with the 10 frame and number identification, and number recognition. 

This week's Open Circle lesson focused on feelings, and the use of what we call the, "I feel" sentence. We talked about a variety of emotions. The children were asked to show me what they might look like when they feel, happy, sad, angry, annoyed, etc... I then asked which of these feeling were NOT okay to have. many children thought angry was not an appropriate and were quite surprised to hear that ANY feeling they have is acceptable. We talked about the difference between having a feeling and acting on it. They were then introduced to the "I Feel' sentence. This is a sentence that anyone can use for any emotion! It is a simple sentence that expresses how we feel and WHY we feel that way. "I feel_______ because..." Please help us by encouraging your children to use this sentence...especially with feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, etc. 

We also introduced the "Solution Station". This is a place where children can go to discuss an issue and work together on finding a solution. Morah Marcy and I demonstrated with a problem we were trying to solve :) 

Writing continues with regular journal entries.  Tuesday the children wrote about their field trip, Wednesday they wrote about ,  Thursday they used their "I feel" sentence in an entry, and Friday we wrote Shana Tova cards. 

We also began a science unit on "the Human Body". For the next few weeks we will be discussing a variety of internal organs. We started our unit by tracing each child's body on large paper. They were then introduced to the brain. Ask your child what the brains like? (a computer) How is it like a computer? (stores lots of information) What does it do for us? (sends messages to our body and makes us do things). We were also invited into the Ilanot room to see and learn about the frogs they caught!

The first graders received another spelling list, focusing on the short /o/ sound.    Kindergarten children have been continuing to work on their sight word list as well as work with the Explode the Code phonics program. 

From Morah Gila:

This week we continued to learn more about the High Holy Days. We discussed saying sorry for things we have done in the past year that may have hurt someone, and we thought about what we could do better in the year. The children learned about the different shofar “notes” (tikiyah, shevarim, teruah). The children have begun to learn Avinu Malkeinu. We also heard more stories about the holidays, sang songs and played a bingo game to help remember key holiday vocabulary (with either pictures and words in Hebrew or just the words, depending on their reading level). We enjoyed a fabulous field trip to Massaro Farm, and followed up with our fun bee-themed art project, which went home the day we did it. The following day we asked the children to make more bees for a Rosh Hashana bulletin board in the hallway. They really came through with so many adorable bees! Then Morah Lana, our fantastic art teacher, carried the theme even further with three-dimensional bees. Check them out – they are hanging from the ceiling near the corner where the two hallways meet near the office. Morah Beth organized another fabulous Rosh Hashana art project for the children. This one is a surprise for your holiday table, and it will go home to you on time for the New Year!

Our Hebrew language learning continues to be a dynamic part of our day. The children love to play a variety of learning games, hear and read stories, sing songs, work in their workbooks and write in Hebrew. Those who are learning their letters are using a wide variety of sensory and written materials to reinforce the shapes of the letters. Of course, as always, their work is specific to their level and needs. They are making terrific progress! 

In tefillah, we continue to make progress learning the words to Ve’ahavta. (We will delve further into the meaning of the prayer after the holidays.) This week, the children stayed in whole school tefillah until the last aliyah to the Torah was over. I was very proud of their behavior and interest in the service. They will not always stay that long, as I try to be responsive to their needs in the moment. In Kabbalat Shabbat we are also singing many lively zemirot and prayers. Morah Dawn, our wonderful new music teacher, comes in to accompany us on the keyboard.

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Shabbat Shalom

Morah Beth and Morah Gila


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