The Keshet Experience March 11-15, 2019

Dear Parents, 

It has certainly been a spirited week...We started with pajama day, character day, and crazy hair day, and ended the week with stuffed animals and our favorite sports teams!

Monday started the week with a lovely Tefillah where we were joined by the Ilanot class. Everyone participated beautifully and each class contributed in a special way to the morning. 

We would also like to thank Joanna Romberg Bletchley Ezra parent and owner of 3 Wishes Events, for recreating our classroom terrarium! It looks beautiful and we love it!!!! 

This week in Social Studies we learned about three amazing women.  about Abigail Adams, Helen Keller, and Betsy Ross. Please ask your child to share with you the accomplishments of these women. 

In science we were able to have out 3rd Outdoor Education Program! While there were many similarities to the last two times we went out, there were also many differences. Children used their 5 senses to dictate these differences and similarities. 

 Reading has continued to focus on Women's History. Small groups are provided with a variety of reading materials, as well as Language Arts activities (main idea, details, character, setting)as well as language and grammar skills. For example; past/present tense verbs, high frequency words, 

Phonics and Sight Word work have continued with a variety of games and activities that focus on beginning/ending sounds, to strengthen their retention. 

Things 2 has been working on words with /ee/, and /ea/ (long e sounds)  from the Spelling program. 

In Math  Things 1 have learned about number bonds and how they connect to a number sentence (or equation). They have also learned the "counting on" strategy. 

Things 2 have been beginning each class with a "mental Math" assessment. We are continuing to work hard on our math facts. This week they completed the unit on multiplication! 

Our Morning Meeting always includes lots of math. From counting the days, to skip counting by 10's, 5's, and 2's, tallying, and 1/10 more/less. Lilac has led us through the meeting and has been keeping us on our toes by switching up the regular routine... I think she is just checking to make sure I am paying attention.  

Morah Gila has been away this week and we have beans lucky to have Morah Tikvah with us. she has been teaching the children all about Purim through stories, games, song and dance. Children are also working on the Hebrew lessons Morah Gila left with Morah Tikvah. 

It has been a lovely week. Shabbat Shalom Everyone!
Morah Beth 


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