The Keshet experience - April 1-5

This week we have been focusing a great deal on out upcoming Torah ceremony! It's hard to believe that it is only a few days away! The children have been learning, taking, singing, and writing about the Torah, and we absolutely can not wait to show you on Thursday April 11th!

In Reading groups are continuing as usual, and I am so thrilled to say that every single child is now in a reading group! Children work together as well as independentely on fluency, main idea, setting, character, details, cause and effect, as well as a variety of grammar skills (when appropriate).  

Phonics and sight word work continue with Explode the Code program, which the children are really doing well with. This program provides a great deal of repetition and the activities are familiar to the children from chapter to chapter. They are also continuing to work on these skills through a variety of games and activities to strengthen their retention. 

Children in 1st grade have been working on words with singular and plural words within the Spelling program. 

 In Math the Kindergarten children are continuing to develop their subtraction skills, as well as learning new vocabulary such as, "sum", "difference" "numeral", and "equation", 

1st graders spent this past week continuing to work on math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They are creating number bonds and then transferring them into fact families. manipulatives such as cards, dice, and dominoes are used to help them with this process. 

Our Morning Meeting always includes lots of math. From counting the days, to skip counting by 10's, 5's, and 2's, tallying, and 1 more/less, 10 more/less. This week Hillel led the class through this routine and did so seamlessly! 

Our Open Circle curriculum continues throughout each day and each week. We are always working on our social skills such as; practicing kindness, acceptance, giving and receiving compliments, using manners, expressing emotions, how to handle frustrating situations, etc. Please take a moment to ask your child how they handle some these situations at school and encourage them to do the same at home. 


We are learning so much about Passover. We have heard many more stories, and we are learning parts of the seder. Many are memorizing the four questions!


Everyone is working hard and learning, using workbooks, writing sheets and a wide variety of games. I add new games almost daily to target each child’s needs! The children are making progress in their Hebrew language studies, while having fun!


The children are working hard to learn the prayers and songs that we will sing for you on Thursday at our Torah ceremony. We can’t wait!


In this week’s parshah, Tazria, Aaron and his sons work in the Mishkan. They are told to take care of women who have had babies and anyone with the skin disease called leprosy.

 Our Torah ceremony will be next week, Thurday morning, April 11th, at  8:30 in the Chapel. We hope you will be joining us!

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