This Week in 3 and 4, April 1

The students started working on their mystery novel book reports on Monday.

They are making mobiles that include the title and author of the book, the setting, characters, and summary.


In art, the students continued to work on their landscape paintings. We talked about perspective from a different point of view, making the objects in the foreground of the painting much larger than those in the middle ground and the background.



In music we played xylophones this week working on scales and posture. We got a thoughtful piano performance from Maya and the Mimi Award winner was Yishai for excellence in posture, attentiveness, and participation!

In Judaics, we have done a study of what hametz is and how we clean, clean some more, check we have cleaned and then burn what we find (which we usually have to plant.) Today we played charades with the 14 parts of the seder. It was great fun.


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