This Week in 3 and 4, Dec. 23

This week in Math class we did a different logic puzzle each day. It was the first time doing a logic puzzle for some of the students, but they caught on quickly! It was nice to see students who had experience with logic puzzles help out their classmates; I love it when they work together!

Morah Gila’s third grade Hebrew class made sentence unscramble card games for each other to try. Then they checked each other’s work. There were stations around the room, and lots of energy. Everyone said they’d like to do this activity again!


In art class, we finished our weaving projects by adding symmetrical cutouts.


December 23 is Yom Ha’Ivrit. During this week students at Ezra learned about Eliezre Ben Yehuda, and his contribution to the modern Hebrew language. Students in 4th through 8th grade helped put together this bulletin board.



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