This Week in 3 and 4, Nov. 4

A new and improved design! Students were challenged to improve on the original construction in order to make it sturdier and more stable. After a lot of trial and error the new construction fit all the criteria.


This week in Judaics we are learning about Parashat Lekh Lekha. We discussed the consequences and feeling of leaving your home for a foreign place, as Abraham was forced to leave Ur-Kasdim and move to a new location. It was an invitation for a spiritual journey as well. We discussed the promises of G-d to Avraham and the meaning of the name Ishmael. We started reading the Sodom and Gomorrah story. Your children find Avraham arguing with G-d fascinating! (Genesis 18:23).


Third-grade Hebrew this week was so much fun! learned the words: זנב, אח  אחות, קצר , ארוך, שיער, יום ועונה.

The Hebrew speakers learned new words such as: עוטים, מצטמרר, מעיין במפה , צווח

We are learning how to pronounce the words' meaning and practicing our writing and spelling.

The Hebrew speakers are practicing their whole-sentence writing as well.

We did a dictation today, and they did well!




In collaboration with their social studies class, the students learned about Native American Totem poles in art and will create their own Heraldic/family/clan poles with their table mates.

This was Game Day for both music classes! Our performers were Ari and Simonne, and our Mimi Award winners were Ari and Gilad!



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