This Week in 3 and 4, Oct. 28

This week in art the students worked on many art elements: lines of design, patterns, and warm & cool colors, as well as the technique of wax resist to create a leaf painting. Ask them what wax resist means!

This week in Judaics we are learning about Parashat Noah. We are discussing the narrative and working on specific pesukim in the parashah. In addition, we are learning about the symbols in this parashah as the dove with an olive branch and rainbow. In Hebrew studies, we are practicing the days of the week and the vocabulary of a birthday party!

3rd had a game day this week in music! We played a game called “Skip to my tune” and learned about how to place notes on the Treble Clef scale and how to spell words using those notes! Our performers were Mira & Zippy and our Mimi Award Winner was Efrat!

4th had a theory day this week in music! We learned all about Treble Clef notes and how to spell words with them, then they wrote secret codes in their notebooks to be deciphered! The performer was Anna on the Ukulele and our Mimi Award Winner was Aaron!

In science class, our 4th graders created their own skyscrapers using only bendable straws and tape. The challenge was to build their skyscrapers as tall as possible.


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