This Week in Grades 3-4!

1st blog of the new school year!

In Social Studies, we started learning about lines of longitude and latitude. We discussed their importance. We also looked at climate changes based on where a country is located from the Equator. We identified three climatic zones: tropical, temperate and polar.

This week in Art we talked about the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel. The students began to create a rainbow tree painting.

In Music this week, we learned about the music history of Ireland! Our Mimi Award winners were Yair & Shlomit!

This week for Judaics and Hebrew, we refreshed our memory about Yom Kippur (that we learned about the week before) and focused on Sukkot. We learned why we celebrate it, how, and when. We also studied words in Hebrew to go along with the holiday and ended the week by making Sukkah decorations.


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