This Week in Kochavim, Jan. 14

During reading/Social Studies, the children learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood and his adult life through reading stories, discussions, and writing activities.



In Science this week the children have been learning about different types of trees and why they are so important to us.


In math this week, grade 2 is learning about measurement and grade 1 is learning about shapes and solids.


In art class, in honor of Tu B’shvat, the students made a fruit bowl by drawing and cutting out fruit shapes in warm colors and making the bowl, table and background in cool colors.


The children completed a Stem activity challenge where they had to build a tree with their group. The challenge was that their tree had a trunk, branches, leaves and that it measured as close as possible to 36 inches in length. The children choose their material to work with and design their tree together as a group. When they were done building their tree they measured it.




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