This Week in Kochavim, March 11

In Social Studies the children have been and will continue to read and learn about the challenges and accomplishments of women throughout history during this month.


The children are also working on an Amelia Earharh Stem activity. After watching a video about what makes an airplane fly and discussing it the children acted like engineers working to build airplanes. Part of their job involved designing and testing new airplane models to be sure that they can travel far distances. The children designed their airplanes by using certain materials that were given to them. They then tested their airplanes, measuring the distance it flew. They record the distance of their airplane onto a graph.


The children have been working hard on their personal narratives during writing class.



Since it is Women’s History Month, the students learned about a few women artists with the focus on Georgia O’Keefe. We talked about how she makes her paintings larger than life. They then started to paint large poppy flowers using warm colors that we will finish next week.



In music we got a piano performance from Ramona, and then danced our way through the Romantic Period. A favorite was “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky. Our Mimi Award winner was Will!



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