Welcome Back, Kochavim!

To kick off Hebrew lessons this week, Kochavim (grades 1 and 2) students began to make beautiful name banners to celebrate their Hebrew names! They are using colored pencils, paints, markers, beads, and glitter to create their unique name banners.

They also dove back into learning Hebrew. Speaking, listening, reading, writing and games in Hebrew are all part of our everyday routines and lessons. 



This week's reading consisted of read-alouds: First Day Critter Jitters, Gib*ber*ish, and Do Unto Otters. We also talked about choosing a just right book.

In Science, we started our Dinosaur Unit. We started off the unit with learning some vocabulary words and their definitions that your children will be hearing during the unit.

During writing this week the children thought of a small moment during summer break to write about. They will continue to write about their small moments next week. 

In math they have been working on beginning of the year review/assessments.

In Judaics this week, the classes began learning the months of the Jewish calendar. Tani came to our classroom to blow the shofar, helping us to spend Elul, the last month of the Jewish calendar, focused on the upcoming new year. We all thought about ways we want to improve in the new year.


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