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Thanksgiving Week in 3 and 4

In Judaics, we read summaries of each aliyah of this week’s Torah readings and gave each one a title. Learning more about Chanukah and halachot (laws) associated with it is a main focus.


We read about Thanksgiving myths and practiced finding information in a nonfiction article. We als…

Thanksgiving Week in Kochavim

For Thanksgiving, the first and second graders made hanging accordion fruit which challenged them in a folding exercise, while also teaching them about warm colors. We have worked in clay to make acorns in which we experimented in color mixing. They also made a pumpkin mosaic and worked on t…

This Week in Kochavim, 11-19

This week in Kochavim the children learned the difference and similarities between a map, compass, globe, and world map.  They learned what a compass rose is and about cardinal direction.  They then were able to locate things on a map and answer questions using cardinal directions.



This Week in 3 and 4, 11-19

In Judaics this week, while studying parashat Vayishlach, we created skits where one group represented Esav and two groups represented Esav’s camp. Click here to see more pictures!


In social studies, we read 2 reader’s theater plays; one about the New England Colonies, the other 

This Week in Kochavim, Nov. 12

In Social Studies the children have been learning about landforms. They also learned why we celebrate Veterans Day.

The children have been enjoying flashlight Friday reading!