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The Keshet Experience - January 20-24

Next week is our first Spirit Week of the year. We hope for full participation from all students.  This is a list of what we are doing each day: 
Monday: Inside-Out Day:  Wear your clothes inside out. 
Tuesday: Dress like a Teacher Day (for Students) and Dress like a Studen…

The Keshet Experience - January 13-17

We are so very grateful for Morah Rivka for the two weeks she spent with us! She was amazing and we absolutely love her! We are also thrilled to have Morah Gila back!!!! She surprised us on Thursday with a visit and her first day back today!!!!We would also like to thank Nurse Connie for…

The Keset Experience - January 1-10

We have begun reading a new chapter book. James and The Giant Peach is already a hit with the children!!! Please ask your children what characters they have been introduced to. It was so nice to pick up with our reading groups. Children continue to work in small groups, although grou…

The Keshet Exprience December 16-20

From Morah Beth:

This was definitely a crazy week, with delay's, a snow day, and lots of Chanukah play rehearsals! We are so proud of the children for the amazing performance on Wednesday! They are true starts!

This week in Maththe1st graders completed their workbooks and are ready to …

The Keshet experience - December 9-13

From Morah Beth 

Chanukah rehearsals are in FULL swing! We are excited to share what we think will be an amazing performance with you.

We have been reading a variety of Chanukah stories this week. Children have been broken up into their reading groups and provided with some classic Chanu…