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The Keshet Experience Novmber 25th-December 6

From Morah Beth
Well, HaShem Sheli and Thanksgiving are over and that can only mean one thing! Chanukah curriculum and play practice has begun! Don't forget to send in your child's costume (pillow case, khaki shorts and white t-shirt. FYI - pillow cases will be cut and worn as a costume.)

The Keshet Experience November 18-22

It has been a wonderful week. We have been working on a little Thanksgiving treat for you as well as beginning to practice for the big Chanukah production! please remember to send in a cream or tan colored pillowcase (king or queen size), as well as a pair of khaki shorts, a white t-shirt, …

The Keshet Experience - November 11-15

 Reading groups are back and I could not be happier! I am meeting with each reading group each day. Children are working on decoding, fluency, comprehension, inference, as well as critical thinking. When you read to your child ask them questions that will help enhance these skills. 


The Keshet Experience November 4-7

From Morah Beth 

We are so thrilled to have been able to celebrate HaShem Sheli with you. We absolutely LOVED hearing about your children's names and why you chose it for them. Thank you all so much for your support. I have also sent home the recipe for the muffins we made with Bubby! Enj…

The Keshet Experience October 25-November 1


From Morah Beth :

Wow... a full week of school!!! We almost forgot that's how it is done.  We have had a wonderful week, full or HaShem Sheli rehearsals, Whole School Tefillot, stories, songs, and of course lots of learning

We have begun a new read-aloud...Peter Pan! Not only is thi…