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This Week in Kochavim, April 29

This week in art we made octopuses by tracing a circle template and using rulers to “measure” the legs. We then cut them out, glued them on a large piece of paper, and created an underwater scene for them!


This week was game week where we tried to creatively act out and apply a few …

This Week in 3 and 4, April 8

We will be starting Hands on Equations lessons this Friday and will be learning about algebra every Friday during our math time. Here is an introduction to the program and a sneak peek into what we will be learning. https://youtu.be/ceKgR64Akp4



This week in art the students worked …

This Week in Kochavim, 4/8

This week in reading the grade 1 children have been practicing their lines for the skit, "Where Are My Animal Friends?", along with working on props and scenery for the skit.

The children in grade 2 are reading chapter books and answering comprehension questions about the book they are r…

This Week in 3 and 4, April 1

The students started working on their mystery novel book reports on Monday.

They are making mobiles that include the title and author of the book, the setting, characters, and summary.


In art, the students continued to work on their landscape paintings. We talked about perspective fro…

This Week in Kochavim, April 1

The Kochavim class has been hard at work learning all about Pesach and singing songs from the Haggadah. We also made a giant seder plate and a game-ified version of the steps of the seder. We played the game that we had created on fun Friday!

In art we talked about different line types and…