The Keshet experience – Week 36

Dear Parents, 
We welcomed in the new week with a lovely Tefiilah where we were joined by the Babaganoush class. Tuesday’s Tefillah was also a special one. The children “surprised” me by leading a portion of the Hallel in honor of my Torah Reading. Let’s not forget the Mile Run…where the children were amazing! Not only did they give it there all, but they gathered together to support those that needed some encouragement. It was a beautiful sight! (please be sure to check out the photos!!!
We were also lucky to have Gabby’s little sister, Sasha, join us for a morning meeting and help us with the calendar. Lilly (Morah Beth’s daughter) having no school for most of the week due to a tornado, joined us and helped with some of our classroom activities as well. Todah Rabah Sasha and Lilly!!!
Open Circle: In Open Circle we are continuing to work on problem solving strategies. I am so proud of the children who are remembering to use their “I Feel” sentence and use the Traffic Light symbol. I have heard children say, “wait….lets red light and brainstorm how we can make it better”. This makes me so proud!!!!

Secular Studies:
Math Centers:
Things 1 children are learning to tell time!!!!! They have learned about digital and analog clocks. They have also been using the vocabulary, face, hands, hour, minute. At this time they have been working on telling time to the hour and the half hour. They have also learned that there are 5 minutes between each number on the thick and in order to tell time, we often count around the clock by 5’s (which they all know how to do.)
Things 2 began the week with a review of creating numbers with groups of ten and the use of the base ten blocks. They continued the week with a unit on Estimation, and an estimation station. The week ended with a lesson number order and were encourages to use their counting on skills. 
Social Studies: We continued with our art unit with the study of Andy Warhol. we were most intrigued with his pop-art style and created our very own personalized pop-art!
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 received three new sight words, /had/, /come/, and /here/. After practicing these words throughout the week they were added to the Friday “quiz”
Things 2 received a very complicated list of compound words. while they know the root words they had to recall them as well as write them without leaving any spaces.
Reading Groups and Language Arts: 
Reading groups are running smoothly, with children assisting one and other when necessary. They work so well with shared reading as well as when they read independently. Continuing to use Venn diagrams, identifying the problem and solution, as well as main idea, and details. 

Judaic/Hebrew :
This week we watched the BeMidbar Godcast.  
We continued learning all about Shavuot, including Counting the Omer, and our learning stations: The Littlest Mountain Art Project, Shavuot Packet, and Tikkun Leyl Shavuot.  Our songs and dances include: Etz Hayim Hi, Torah Torah, Saleinu al Ktfeinu, and Eretz Zavat Halav.
A highlight was this past Tuesday when we observed Rosh Hodesh Sivan.  Your children did a wonderful job leading the Btzeit Yisrael paragraph of Hallel at Whole School Tefillah with proficiency, kavana, joy and ruach.  I was proud and happy that this was not a performance but rather a natural extension of our daily practice of Tefila.  Yasher Koach to them!
We were happy that Israel won the Eurovision competition! Wow!
Parsha Vocabulary:
exit  יְצִיאָה   in the desert  במדבר   order  פְּקֻדָּה   five חָמֵשׁ   son בֵּן
Please enjoy this week’s photos…
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Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!


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