Ezra Academy Montessori Preschool - Kindergarten 

 Ezra Academy's Montessori Preschool to Kindergarten is a happy, purposeful community, where children are actively engaged in all areas including science, math, language, and the arts. Teachers observe and facilitate, challenging each child and helping to build confidence, skills, and independence.  A teacher may be presenting an activity to one child or a small group, at other times gathering the entire class to sing, read, act out a story, or share news.


When you walk into our classroom, you will see children following their interests individually or in small groups. You may observe a child painting at the easel, a few children reading books, perhaps someone peeling and slicing carrots, or preparing freshly-squeezed orange juice, watering the plants, or mopping up a spill. One child may be sequencing cylinders from large to small, another pairing pictures of insects, two singing the continent song together, others rolling out playdough.

We aim to be an indoor-outdoor classroom as much as possible, appreciating and learning about nature and caring for our garden. Our program is infused with Jewish values, celebrating our rich heritage and traditions through stories, songs, art, drama, and baking challah each week. The children choose their activities under the teachers' guidance, and learn to be positive participants, along with their peers, in our preschool community and in the wider Ezra community.


We offer full-day and part-day hours for children from two through five years old. Kindergarteners are required to attend the full-day program. Please contact us to arrange a virtual tour and see Montessori Preschool to Kindergarten at Ezra Academy in action.


I look forward to meeting you!

Lana Gad, Montessori Preschool-Kindergarten Director