Ezra Academy's Multi-age Classrooms

The Ezra Academy Lower School comprises two multi-age classrooms: 1-2 and 3-4. Our Upper School students (grades 5-8) also have many opportunities to learn and socialize across grades.


Multi-age classrooms yield crucial social, emotional and academic benefits. Within this framework, we are better able to teach and assess students according to their own abilities and needs, rather than by rigid age or grade designations. These groupings allow teachers to develop integrated, in-depth, multi-disciplinary curricula that span two years.


Working with each student for two consecutive years allows teachers to develop a deeper understanding of the child's strengths and needs, thus enhancing teaching and learning. The curriculum is presented through a succession of in-depth topics, allowing students to explore specific aspects of each topic that interest them. Sometimes, teachers lead large group activities, while at other times, the teacher pulls together a small group of students of similar achievement level for targeted instruction in a specific area, regardless of their age. High-achieving students with independent work habits are given the freedom to develop individual and group projects.


Students begin their time in the two-year classroom as "novices," learning from the older students, and the following year become "mentors" for the younger students in turn. Changing roles and groupings helps our students become leaders who possess the skills to navigate a wide variety of social and classroom situations.