Greetings Ezra Families! Welcome to the Scholarship Ad Book part of your Ezra Academy experience!


Ezra Academy provides children and their families with a warm and caring community that allows students to realize their full potential both academically and spiritually. We are bound together by our Jewish values and traditions, and guided by a sense of morality, integrity and ethics.


Ezra Academy is committed to providing a rich and rigorous education, encompassing both the secular and the Judaic, for EVERY family seeking this remarkable experience for their children. To that end, we award financial assistance to over 65% of our families.


All of this financial assistance must be covered by enormous efforts in fundraising. We encourage your participation in this effort to provide tuition assistance for those families in need. Ezra families help build this fund by producing the yearly Scholarship Ad Book.


Your job, as an Ezra family, is to complete (or multiply) your $1800 donation/advertisement requirement. This translates to as little as 1 embellished Tree-of-Life gold page or any combination of smaller donor/ad sizes. Please look through last years’ book to see the variety of styles available and at a 2018-2019 contract to note the size/price differences.


This year, the Scholarship Ad Book will be included in the Ezra Family directory and digitally on our website. This will be a great “selling point” as it will be a useful source throughout the year for all Ezra families.


Fulfilling your scholarship fund requirement involves asking others to support your favorite nonprofit organization (I am hoping this is Ezra Academy). Family and friends are our first go-to sources to grow your donor-ad base. Vendors in your community with whom you have a relationship also are already primed to be positive to your suggestion that they contribute an advertisement to the book. There are procedures in place to help you fulfill your obligation and the more formal set of rules (including how to make sure a vendor is available to be asked) are included in your packet.


Over the years, many families have said “I can’t possibly ask for a donation to my favorite nonprofit”. The response to which is “Sure, you can!” And, these same families are surprised by the positive response to their requests. The single most important reason why anyone donates to charity is because they were asked. I encourage all of you to ask at least once for the coming year. Bringing a vendor into the Ezra community via the Ad Book is truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Best Wishes to All,

Patty Wasko
Ad Book Coordinator