Todah Rabah for all your incredible work and passion!! - The Hass Family

Thank you Mrs. Abrams and Morah Amalia for your dedicated and patient efforts to continue teaching during the pandemic. Keeping a routine where learning is the focus of each day has helped our children to thrive as much as is possible during this unusual time. - Leah Abbott

Thank you Marisol and Nicole for being such nurturing and wonderful teachers! I miss you! Thank you so much! - Zeva Barasz

Morah Beth, you are the best teacher ever. You do such a good job teaching me math and I love the videos you let me see. I miss you! - Zippy Barasz

Morah Gila, thank you so much! You are the best teacher I have ever had and when I leave your classroom I will be so sad! I miss you. - Zippy Barasz

Morah Marcy, thank you for being my teacher. You are very nice and helpful. Thank you for teaching me math and language arts. You are a very good teacher. I miss you so much. - Toyba Barasz

Morah Gail, you are an amazing teacher. Thank you for teaching me about Jewish history and culture. You have taught me so much and I miss you. I can’t wait to get back to school. - Toyba Barasz

Morah Denise, thank you so much for teaching me Hebrew. I have learned so much from you. You are a great teacher and I miss you so much. - Toyba Barasz

To all teachers - this school year is something that no one ever thought would happen!
ALL of you have taken on so such more work than expected and you have Succeeded in keeping ALL Students current and up-to-date with all their studies. You made it fun and enjoyable at the same time! Thank you for being the Teachers you are! - Patty Wasko

To all teachers - We all appreciate your hard work and creativity teaching our children during this extremely challenging time. Thank you for everything you do! - The Goldman's

All teachers - thank you for an incredible job! - Dalia Coleman

To my teachers: "Is it sunny or cloudy?" "I like letters" "I like my teachers because I like when they talk to me" - Jakob Khazak