Teva Trip

Wednesday at Teva

Another beautiful day at Teva. The morning was spent on the trail. Students hiked to the Overlook, participated in a trust walk, slipped on dry leaves, made fires, and generally were amazing. 
During chofesh (free time) students decided to play capture the flag all around the bunk. It was …

Tuesday at Teva

Matya and Eli were first in line out of 75 kids for hot cocoa this morning! Tefillah was next followed by a filling breakfast and then we headed out to the woods for a five hour day! Dr. Waynik and Tal joined groups for the morning and Caleb and I journeyed with different groups as well.

Monday at Teva

Our busy first busy day at Teva was a success!

We were shown our rooms and everyone unpacked. Then it was time for lunch followed by getting into hiking groups. While in hiking groups, some kids helped their Teva Educators make fire, some made tea, others played a game called  Camouflag…