Monday at Teva

Our busy first busy day at Teva was a success!

We were shown our rooms and everyone unpacked. Then it was time for lunch followed by getting into hiking groups. While in hiking groups, some kids helped their Teva Educators make fire, some made tea, others played a game called  Camouflage and another game called Find a Tree. Students will stay in their hiking groups the entire week. This allows the Teva Educators to get to know them and vice versa. 
After two and a half hours on the trail, students joined me and Caleb, our other chaperone, for a snack and relaxing time. The kids played cards, threw around a ball, played Blokus and enjoyed being with each other. 
Then it was dinner time followed by Teva songs. 
After dinner students participated in Huggim - group activities. Each person was able to choose a first, second, and third choice and everyone got one of their choices. Joel and Gabe went to fire making. Natalya, Matya, Be'eri, and Itamar went to wild tea, Asher, Ellie, Jordan, and Avi participated in bread making. Zoe, Eli, Rebecca, and Shai all went on the extreme night hike. 
The evening ended with snack, a short skit and announcements. Joel, Asher and I were in the skit. In case you can't tell from the photos, they were frogs and I was a neighbor helping to save the frogs!
Food today:
Lunch- grilled cheese, tomato soup, salad, corn, and other sides. 
Snack- cheese, crackers, pretzels, smoothies, fruit
Dinner- hamburger, hotdog, veggie burger, tofu, quinoa, potato wedges, salad, cucumbers, carrots. 
Snack- cookies
There is always bread, sun nut butter, jam and fruit available at every meal.
I will check email in the morning and then send another update on Tuesday evening.  
Please enjoy the photos.


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