Wednesday at Teva

Another beautiful day at Teva. The morning was spent on the trail. Students hiked to the Overlook, participated in a trust walk, slipped on dry leaves, made fires, and generally were amazing. 
During chofesh (free time) students decided to play capture the flag all around the bunk. It was nice to see the evolution from the free-for-all-chasing-one-another that happened yesterday to a planned activity that they organized and made happen.
Students learned about the interconnectedness of all things on earth during the Resource Revolution. Some favorite quotes from the skit are: "there is no such place as away," "waste equals food," "keep it in the cycle."
Next we worked with one Teva Educator who helped us brainstorm ways that we would like to continue our experience back at school and in our communities. More news will be forthcoming!
Finally, after dinner everyone rejoined their hiking group and participated in a night walk. We learned about rhodopsin (FYI, it's a protein in our eyes that makes it possible for our eyes to adjust and adapt to being in the dark.)
Then is was time for the campfire, singing, and S'mores.
Breakfast - eggs, oatmeal, cereal, potatoes, and another main dish that I can't remember and I forgot to ask the kids.
Lunch - on trail
Dinner- Macaroni and cheese, salad, broccoli, rolls
Good night!


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