Ezra Academy offers an education like no other.  We focus on developing students’ character while inspiring a love of learning and a sense of wonder about the world.  


The 2023-24 Tuition* Schedule:

Preschool: Contact us for Preschool Program Options and Fees

Kindergarten: $18,850

Lower School (first through fourth grade): $23,322

Upper School (fifth through eighth grade): $25,296

*Additional commitments and fees include activity fees ($300 per child) and building fund ($500 per family). Each family also commits to raising ($1800) funds for Ezra Academy’s Scholarship Ad Book.

**6th, 7th and 8th grade families incur additional fees for trips to Teva (Jewish outdoor education trip focusing on ecosystems and sustainability), Alabama, Washington, D.C. and Israel, respectively.

Help Send a Child to Ezra — Support Our Ad Book


Ezra Academy’s annual Scholarship Ad Book helps uphold our commitment to educating children without regard to financial circumstances.  All families are responsible for raising $1800 for the Ad Book each year, whether by soliciting advertisements from family, friends, and vendors; or by paying via SMART Tuition, with or without submitting ads.  Alumni parents and staff help new families by connecting them with vendors who have supported Ad Book in the past and by helping them through this process.