Welcome to Ezra Academy!

We are a preschool-Grade 8 Schechter independent school in the greater New Haven area. Our faculty, students, parents, and alumni create a vibrant and caring community! We warmly welcome children from all branches of Judaism.


Ezra Academy is a very special place. I invite you to visit our classrooms during school hours as one of the best ways to see our students and faculty in action and to experience the Ezra school spirit. Our educational methods emphasize differentiated instruction using creative and effective teaching strategies.


Ezra Academy stresses the creation of lifelong learners with a strong Jewish identity. We help children develop strong critical-thinking and decision-making skills, and our students become empowered through learning to become socially responsible citizens.


Schedule a tour so that you may experience Ezra Academy for yourself.


Please contact me with any admissions questions. I look forward to speaking with you.


Jessica Khazak

Admissions Director





Schedule a tour

We have worked hard to show you as much as we can about Ezra Academy on our website, but a tour of Ezra is invaluable for you to learn more about us.